Weathering the Storm with Your Pet

By September 7, 2017Pet Health & Safety

It is important to note that you are the sole person responsible for the well-being of your beloved pet. In the event of an emergency, your pet does not always possess the power to flee at a moments notice or the wherewithal to find shelter on its own. You, as the owner, owe it to your pet to make sure that their safety is as carefully guarded as your own. In this hurricane season we are having, many pets have come under siege from the great enemy known as mother nature. Floods, thunder, extreme winds — all of the elements can pose a potential threat to the good health and safety of your pets. Be prepared and predetermine how best to handle naturally disastrous situations for you and your pet.

It is best to always be prepared for the worst when it comes to natural disasters and large storms and having a plan for you AND your pets is a must. Know where the safest places are in your house for weathering a storm and make sure your pet comes with you when the time comes. Keep a bag handy and ready at all times filled with essentials for your pet: extra water, baggies of food, a spare collar tag, are all good items to keep there. Don’t use this bag for occasional use; it should remain kept away and only used in the event of emergency.

Make sure your pets are inside and accounted for. What may start as an afternoon shower can quickly escalate into a full-blown, torrential fallout. Knowing that your pets are inside, safe and Stay calm. Your pets will respond to your demeanor and act accordingly. If your dog or cat senses you panicking, they are likely to follow suit. Your presence is a reassurance to your pet; keeping a level head and a sound mind will do wonders for the calmness of your pet. In the event that things out of your control are causing your pet anxiety, take actions accordingly. Extreme winds and torrential rains are just a few elements of a truly severe storm. Many dogs and cats respond negatively to the loud noises, bright lights, and raging weather that come with the storm. Be prepared and available to comfort your furry friends and help ease their anxiousness as they are likewise likely to do with you.sound, not only decreases your worry, but also puts them in a much safer spot. Having to track down a scared puppy or startled kitten in a storm can prove catastrophic for both parties. Have them kept next to you, on a leash or in a carrier. You never know when you may need to evacuate.

Remember, during stormy seasons, you are the lifeline for your pet. You are their provider, their caretaker, their loved one, and their family. Keep them safe and be prepared.

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