Overweight pets run a high risk of developing illnesses and having a shorter lifespan. Carrying extra unnecessary weight can lead to health issues such as diabetes, joint disease, and respiratory problems. For example, overweight cats can have trouble grooming which can lead to skin issues. Dogs on the heavier side can develop painful arthritis. Luckily, there are precautions pet owners can take to keep their pet at a healthy weight.

Monitor pet intake

Watch what your pet is eating on a regular basis. When your pet lives in a house with multiple family members, it can be difficult to keep track of the treats and table food other people are giving him or her regularly. It is best to include everyone in your efforts toward bettering your pet’s eating habits. If your pet is consuming multiple treats of table food scraps more than three times a day, cut down or even eliminate this habit.

Get a specific diagnosis

Talk to the veterinarian at your local animal clinic about your pet’s weight. If other issues accompany your pet’s weight gain, diagnostic test can tell whether the weight gain is due to a health condition or just bad eating habits.

Help them you pet with their weight loss process 

Set reasonable weight loss goals for your pet. Don’t overwork them to achieve a certain weight goal faster. Your pet needs you throughout their weight loss journey. Commit to the process and be their support system. As pet owner, you must be understanding of the changes your pet is going through. Setbacks will occur but that shouldn’t stop you from supporting your pet’s journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Make losing weight for you and your pet fun. Take more walks, encourage more play, and make them look forward to their food.

Changing your pet’s lifestyle is never easy when they’re facing weight issues but it is up to you to take control over your pet’s well-being. You want your furry friend to be around as long as possible.  If you need more advice about maintaining your pet’s weight, visit your local veterinarian for more help.