Giving Your Dog the Right Size Food

Dog food these days come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It seems like every time you go back to the pet store for more food, a new kind has arrived on the shelves. But what is all the fuss over the size of your dog’s food? To put it into context, you wouldn’t exactly feed a baby a steak. You’d feed it maybe a banana, all cut up into bite-sized, manageable pieces. Well, just like with people, different dogs require different size food.

Choosing the Right Size

Typically speaking, smaller dogs require smaller foods. It is easier for them to get in their mouths and easier for dogs-1598147_1280them to chew. Likewise, larger dogs require larger food. As the dogs eat, they can get food stuck in their throat: for small dogs, it can be large pieces being lodged in their throat, whereas for larger dogs, it can be wads of small food getting stuck. It is important to make sure that your dog is receiving size appropriate food.

Watch your dogs as they eat. Most dogs, wolf their food down as if someone else is leaning over their shoulder for leftovers. If your dog is having trouble managing their food (e.g. choking, coughing, gagging, etc.) consider changing it to a larger or smaller size. Don’t let your dog choke!

Better Health

Puppies also need smaller sized food. Different breeds grow at different rates so make sure to increase your puppy’s food size accordingly. Don’t maintain that even though a bag says it’s designed for puppies, it is necessary for your young dog to eat it. Again, some dogs grow quicker than others and their food needs to be sized

The size of a dog’s food is also a key element in their dental health. Smaller dogs, when given larger food, are forced to gnaw on it with their back teeth. As the dogs chew, it cleans their teeth. So when smaller dogs are not able to use their front teeth, it can lead to numerous dental hygiene problems. If your dog has persistent discomfort, a visit to the vet may show dental problems already.

Your dog is your best friend and closest companion. Don’t make meal time the hardest time of the day for them. Make sure to pick the right size dog food for the right size dog. The right size food makes for a happier, healthier dog.