Giving a Puppy as a Christmas Present

By December 5, 2016Puppies & Kittens

Is it ok to give a puppy as a Christmas present? Of course! Depending on who it’s for, of course.

Here’s the ideal scenario for any potential puppy-giver:

“I got you a puppy!”

“I love puppies! Thank you!”

And then the puppy is adopted into the family and immediately loved.

However, that scenario doesn’t happen as often as we’d like to think it would. Puppies, or any pets for that matter, are a huge responsibility. It would be incredibly unwise to get a pet for someone that doesn’t want one. That puppy would end up given away at best, and euthanized in a shelter at worst. Be sure that you know that the puppy will be given to a home that will not only keep, but love that pet.

Secondly, a puppy-giver could, instead of just giving a box with holes in it on Christmas Day, take the recipient to a shelter the day before Christmas. That would be just as special and would let the recipient choose their preference as well. There’s tons of options for puppy-giving, so you might as well save a puppy life in the process!

However you decide to puppy-give, it’s important to have the best interest of the puppy at heart. Check out this awesome WikiHow on puppy-giving for more information!

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