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Veterinary Care Charitable Fund

Most people who care for their pets will find a way to pay necessary veterinary medical fees but a significant percentage cannot because their economic situation is difficult. When financial constraints are present they preclude lifesaving care and require agonizing decisions to either limit or forego treatment or to euthanize the pet. Under those circumstances it is the pet that suffers physically but their caregivers can suffer enormous emotional pain. Just to be clear, we are not talking about routine preventative care services such as vaccinations, deworming, neutering/spaying, physical examinations, yearly checkups, etc. This hospital provides surgical and emergency care only and in this hospital most of the financial problems we see are with emergency cases. Many of these patients present with severe injuries or require round-the-clock care for days or a week and fees may accrue to several thousand dollars or more. Again, most people can afford or have prepared for such unexpected expenses but no one can pay those fees when their financial situation precludes any ability to financially prepare for such an emergency.

For those people who genuinely have financial need, we have joined with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) through a program designed for hospitals such as ours to provide for those patients. It is called the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund and since the AVMF is a 501c3 tax deductible organization you can give to the fund in our name and receive tax deductions for your charity. We can then use the money to provide services to those who truly deserve to have them and it allows us to provide a level of care that suits the needs of the patient to speed their recovery.

We are presently building that fund and you can add to it in a number of ways. We have t-shirts and we are working on a few other items you can purchase and all of that money will be directed to the fund. You may give directly to the fund by writing a check to the AVMF in the name of Veterinary Regional Hospital, pc or better yet, have a chat with Lauren, Erica, Beth, or Taylor in the front office any day of the week and they can fill in the details and tell you how special you are. You can check this webpage periodically and see and read about the patients you have directly helped. So thank you for giving and caring so deeply for our patients and their caregivers in need and helping with a real problem.

You can donate at our hospital, by phone, or online here.