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What is Considered a Pet Emergency?

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Pets are part of the family, and it’s stressful when they get sick or injured. However, unlike people, pets can’t always communicate what’s wrong, so it takes some special attention…

Weathering the Storm with Your Pet

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It is important to note that you are the sole person responsible for the well-being of your beloved pet. In the event of an emergency, your pet does not always…

Pet Obesity

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Overweight pets run a high risk of developing illnesses and having a shorter lifespan. Carrying extra unnecessary weight can lead to health issues such as diabetes, joint disease, and respiratory...

You Should Be Taking Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

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Canine dental problems can lead to life-threatening infections such as heart, liver, and kidney disease. There are many options you have as a pet owner when it comes to caring...

Transporting Your Injured Pet to the Veterinarian

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Oh no, your pet has been hurt! Here are some ways you can get them to your vet safely. Thousands of pets are admitted to the Veterinarian daily due to...

After Hours Emergency Clinic

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The Veterinary Regional Referral Hospital is known for its outstanding service and dedicated staff. The men and women of the hospital are the best in their field, trained decisively to…

Giving Your Dog the Right Size Food

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Dog food these days come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It seems like every time you go back to the pet store for more food, a new kind…

Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is coming to its culmination at Christmas! Merriment and cheer is in abundance, our houses are brightly lit and inviting, and joy and good will to our...

Traveling with Your Pets

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The winter months have started, the leaves have fallen, and the air gets colder all in approach for one big thing – Christmas. This wonderful time of year denotes a...

Your Pets Can Get Cold

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Your pets can get cold and suffer emotional and physical trauma if left out in the snow this holiday season. Bring your cats and dogs inside for warmth.